Project Description

Harroun Bridge Replacement

Eddy County, New Mexico

Client Name
Eddy County

Contact Name
Mr. Rick Rudometkin


Year Service Provided

Construction Cost
$1.8 Million

Harroun Bridge was over-topped in 2011 and NMDOT conducted an emergency inspection in 2014 and mandated closure of the bridge due to safety concerns and integrity of the substructure.  The flood of 2014 destroyed the remaining structure.  Pettigrew & Associates was the Engineer of Record for the repair and reconstruction of the bridge through our on-call contract with the Eddy County Road Department.  The bridge is a 90-ft single span made of steel stringers and a concrete deck with concrete abutments on spread footings. Slope stabilization was accomplished utilizing an articulated concrete block revetment system.  This is a permanent system preventing leaching of the subsoils. Flow capacity of the bridge is 15,000 to 20,000 cfs before over-topping bridge low chord elevation.

Pettigrew & Associates provided engineering, surveying, materials testing, construction observation and inspection on this recently completed project.  Marron and Associates also provided environmental and cultural services as needed for this project.