GIS Services

Our in-house GIS/ Mapping Division can provide the following services:

  • Database Design, Development, and Maintenance
  • Asset and Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • GPS Location and Asset Inventory and Attribution
  • Utility Mapping Creation and Updating
  • Infrastructure Mapping

Who Can Benefit from Pettigrew’s GIS Services

Municipalities of Any Size  -These innovative projects include acquiring, reviewing and coordinating GIS/Mapping data from multiple sources to provide a database for current zoning districts to use for future planning, projects and asset management.

School Districts  – Bus route information (public and protected), student population distribution and inter-district boundary information are just a few services we can offer schools.

Oil & Gas – Asset management including physical locations of pipelines, wells, pump stations and tank terminals can be managed through a geodatabase that our GIS experts at Pettigrew & Associates can build.

GIS Mapping

Click on the image to play the GIS mapping video.