Project Description

Lea County Access and Development Road

NMP CAP2-94(405), SP2-CAP2-95(455) and SP2-95(968)

Lea County retained Pettigrew & Associates to provide design and construction engineering services for construction of an Access Road to the Lea County Cultural Center and an Industrial Road from Millen Drive to the Lea Regional Hospital. The main purpose of this project was to provide access to the Cultural Center and a frontage road to NM 18 that would satisfy the needs of the Hospital, New Mexico Junior College and the Cultural Center and meet the safety concerns of the community.

Specific design elements included:

  • Alignment Study
  • Right of Way Services
  • Environmental and Archaeological Studies
  • Capacity Analysis and Intersection
  • Analysis
  • Drainage Study and Analysis
  • Roadway Design for urban and rural sections
  • Intersection Design
  • Storm Drainage Design