Project Description


The proposed Homestead Estates in Hobbs, NM comprises 258 acres with a spread of 937 lots between Bender Boulevard and the Seminole Highway. The lots are designed to support single and multi-family homes. Pettigrew & associates was contracted to provide boundary and topographic surveying and other preliminary design services. The project involved preparation of lots for building of affordably priced homes.

Specific tasks included:

  • Boundary and Topographic Survey
    • Restoration and/or establishment of monumentation
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
    • Analysis of existing conditions, future traffic analysis, and traffic signal warrant analysis.
  • Drainage Study/Preliminary Design
    • Identification of all drainage patterns
    • Detailed hydrologic analysis to identify all existing drainage patterns and storm drain systems and to determine the magnitude of the run-off flow rates for the appropriate design frequencies
    • Detailed hydraulic design of all required drainage features.
    • Drainage Report incorporating all finding, including:
      • Inventory of existing drainage structures/systems
      • Detailed structure recommendations including drainage areas, design discharges, and head water depths.
  • Preliminary Utility Analysis
    • Analysis of existing sewer and water capacity, determination of site demands, coordination with City of Hobbs Utilities Department, and determination of other utilities necessary for the site.