Pettigrew was selected as a Top Workplace for the 5th Consecutive Year

At Pettigrew & Associates, we have worked diligently for close to a decade building a diverse workplace sharing a loving, prideful, fault-free learning environment with a genuine respect for each individual as an integral part of the whole. For each employee this translates into job satisfaction, collaboration and professional growth. For Pettigrew it increases morale and employee loyalty and ultimately drives business success.

A look at our Annual Report provides insight on just how important culture is to our organization – not just the culture we try to create, but the actual cultural diversity our staff brings to the table. With employees from the United States, Mexico, Kenya, India, Nepal and the Philippines and generations that range from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, our cohesive and productive team epitomizes how diversity in the workplace inspires better decisions and outcomes.

As a family owned business, the leaders at Pettigrew & Associates strive to bring core values of integrity, hard work and compassion to the business world. Over the years, we have continually maintained a strong commitment to quality, professionalism and the highest of ethical standards as we seek to provide services that will ultimately help improve the lives of citizens in the respective communities served.