ROLE:  To accurately report the financial condition of the firm purposefully and deliberately, supported by management and other staff, for the purpose of achievement of P&A goals, objectives and profitability.


  1. Course work in job costing is preferred.
  2. Must be a perfectionist by nature, with no tolerance for financial sloppiness.
  3. Must be highly skilled in dealing with financial and numeric data.
  4. Must be highly skilled in use of Excel Spreadsheets.
  5. Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, demonstrating the ability to conceptualize, create, and execute flexible and innovative solutions to accounting and reporting issues.
  6. Must be skilled in use of MS Word and possess excellent written communication skills to handle the occasional administrative needs of the department.
  7. Must have very good verbal skills.
  8. Must have excellent work habits, including a willingness to work the hours necessary to get the job done, especially when important deadlines cause greater than normal departmental pressures.



  1. Prepare and distribute the Financial Statements presented by the 5th of the following month.
  2. Prepare and distribute month end financials by the 6th business day of the following month complete with budgets and variance reports.
  3. Prepare and distribute Financial Ratio Report and Financial Trend Report by the 7th business day of the following month;
  4. Prepare and distribute Weekly Operating Report (WOR) and Cash Management weekly.  The development and implementation of a cash management system
  5. Prepare and distribute the development and administration of a Credit and Collection Policy for the company, based on ownership parameters.  Develop, document, and administer the credit and collection policies of the company.  Supervise the Billing Coordinator and closely monitor project billing to ensure timely issuances of invoices. Closely monitor the collection process.
  6. Prepare and distribute the design and distribution of periodic financial statements and reports that communicate the financial health of the firm to management, and any required outside agencies.
  7. Establish and administer a system to review accounting and finance materials to maintain or improve the fiscal health of the company.
  8. Establish, document and maintain all fiscal and accounting policies for the company.  Review and update as necessary.
  9. Using the accounting system, provide the company budgeting and reporting system.  Instruct all company management in their use and supervise the budgeting process.  Chair the Budget Review process.
  10. Administer and supervise the daily operation of the company computerized accounting system.  Work with Information Technology Officer to conduct periodic audits to ensure system integrity.  Schedule staff training, where appropriate, to ensure optimal operation of the system.
  11. Execute an audit of all financial aspects of Pettigrew & Associates, P.A. and report the results to the President.  In concert with the President, manage Pettigrew finances.
  12. Supervise the accounting data collection and entry to ensure system integrity and accuracy.  Regularly review selected sources for developments in accounting and administration.
  13. Schedule, prepare and participate in company, departmental and other meetings as needed.
  14. Complete any other duties assigned by the executives.





  1. Master of Accountancy or Certified Public Accountant Certification is required. Degree(s) must be from a credible college or university
  2. This position requires a minimum of seven years of verifiable experience, preferably with an organization similar in business activities to Pettigrew & Associates is also required.  Significant experience with computer systems, both hardware and software is also preferred.