Mid America Pipeline Hobbs Fractionation Plant

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Mid America Pipeline Hobbs Fractionation Plant

Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners L.P. invested $175 million to build a fractionator plant between Hobbs and Seminole in 2007. A fractionator separates natural gas liquids so the NGLs can be sent to different companies for various purposes. The fractionator is located at Enterprise’s Hobbs station – about 13 miles east of Hobbs in Gaines County Texas. The project includes the construction of an ethane storage area and a reconfiguration of the interconnection of the Mid-America Pipeline system and the Seminole Pipeline system. The new fractionator will be designed to handle up to 75,000 barrels per day of mixed NGLs.

PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES provided professional surveying services which included establishing ground control using GPS static and RTK techniques for a 2 square mile plant site. Developed ground coordinates in state plane coordinate system and translated to plant site specific coordinate system. Re-established property boundaries, completed topographic surveys for as-built data analysis, and completed staking layout of construction and control facilities. Our Laboratory also provided materials testing during construction for Quality Control.

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